By Marco Christiansen | Jun 21, 2021


Angoori, a blind yet innocent young woman, crosses paths with Ajay, who shares her visual impairment. United by their common challenge, they embark on a journey to experience the love that life seems to have taken away from them.

The Bucket List

Rani, a spirited and adventurous young woman, ties the knot with Sudhir, leading a more conventional and routine lifestyle. Tension ensues in their relationship when Sudhir stumbles upon Rani's bucket list of unexplored sexual activities that she is determined to fulfill.


A recently widowed uncle, Girdhaari, grapples with unmet physical desires. Seeking a solution, he turns to a friend for assistance and decides to explore a dating app in a quest to satisfy his physical needs

Chachi No 1

Chachi No 1 tells the tale of Harsh has come to visit his aunt at the village. Upon coming here, he notices that his aunt is not satisfied with his uncle physically, so his infatuation gets the better of him, as he starts getting closer to his aunt.

Gaon Ki Garmi 4

Sonu and Nisha's idyllic honeymoon is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Sonu's alluring aunt, Jhanvi. As their paths intertwine, an undeniable spark ignites between Jhanvi and Sonu, leaving Nisha consumed by jealousy and suspicion.